Wildlife Viewing in the Walla Walla Valley


During the annual spring and fall migrations birders flock to Walla Walla to marvel at the more than 300 bird species that call the area home. The McNary Wildlife RefuAdult Northern Pygmy Owl in the foothills of the Blues photo credit Mike Dennyge and Walla Walla River Delta are two of the best spots to get a glimpse of the migratory birds that return to Walla Walla each year after wintering in South America. The Blue Mountain Audubon Society is a great resource for local birding tips and planned tours.

Join the Blue Mountain Audobon Society on Tuesday mornings at 9:00am for a bird walk at Bennington Lake.  It’s fun to see what birds are present at different times of the year and to enjoy the changes of the seasons at the lake. The walks last 2-3 hours. They do not walk in inclement weather. The start time for the walks will change with the seasons. For more information E-mail Ginger Shoemake


The Blue Mountain Audobon Society
Blue Mountain Land Trust “Walla Walla to the Wild”
Great Washington State Birding Trail.  Walla Walla is located on the Sun & Sage Loop.
McNary Wildlife Refuge
Walla Walla River Delta


Prairie Star-Wallula Gap-blooms late feb to early may photo credit Mike Denny



Native Plants

Washington Native Plant Society – Columbia Basin Chapter