Walla Walla 2020 Historic Building Plaques and Research Project – The project offers a, locally produced plaque showing the date a structure was built, those who built or occupied it, and other authenticated information, and a basic search of Walla Walla County, Penrose Library and Pioneer Title Company records to assist in determining the date of construction and the owners of the property over the years. It has produced research reports and/or plaques for over 180 historic properties, including 120 residences and 60 commercial or institutional properties.

Frenchtown Historic Foundation – Frenchtown Partners is a coalition of interested parties dedicated to preserving and interpreting the site of the St. Rose Mission and Cemetery, established in 1876 on the grounds of the historic Battle of Frenchtown or Battle of Walla Walla, which took place from December 7-10, 1855.

Walla Walla Treaty Councils – This site is dedicated to the Great Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855 and the Second Walla Walla Treaty Council and related events of 1856.