Executive Officers

Chris Garratt, Chair
At large

Terra Luthi, Vice Chair
Eritage Resort

Zachary Fraser, Past Chair
Walla Walla Sweets Baseball

Ann Hooper, Treasurer
Rusted Roof Bed & Breakfast

Board of Directors

Annette Bergevin
Bergevin Lane Vineyards

Michael Corliss
At large

Tabitha Crenshaw
At large

Katie DePonty
Whitman College

Dan Leeper
Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center

Mindy Nelson
Walla Walla Community College

Jennifer Northam
Whitman College

James Payne
Fort Walla Walla Museum

Scott Peters
Columbia REA

Jennifer Skoglund
Walla Walla Airport

Bradley Walker
At large

Riley Clubb, ex-officio
Walla Walla City Councilmember

Byron Olson, ex-officio
City of Walla Walla