The Walla Walla Valley has often been called "the next Napa Valley,” and for good reason. This is a place where winemakers from around the world are coming to start the next generation of legendary wineries. Despite this growth, most wineries remain small, family-run operations. When visiting the wineries, you often get the chance to talk directly with the winemakers and learn what makes Walla Walla Valley wine so special.

The Valley’s reputation for producing world-class wine took root in 1977 with the founding of Leonetti Cellar, followed by Woodward Canyon in 1981 and L’Ecole in 1983. In 1984, the region was officially recognized by the American Viticultural Association. Today, thanks to a truly unique combination of climate, character, charm and culture, Walla Walla has become home to one of the finest wine regions in the nation, with more than 100 wineries and 1,800 acres of grapes. Walla Walla is also home to the Institute of Enology and Viticulture, where up-and-coming winemakers and grape growers get hands-on instruction in the art and science of wine.

Our wineries and tasting rooms are distributed across four main areas: downtown, the west side, the east side, and south of town, including a handful of wineries across the border in Oregon. Each region has its own distinct feel, yet all combine to make Walla Walla Valley a wine country unmatched by any other.

To learn more about the unique history and terroir of the Walla Walla Valley, click below to view the Walla Walla Valley Winery Guide or the mobile app created by the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance.

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