Wine, shopping, hiking, restaurants, biking, museums, more wine. With so much to see and do in Walla Walla, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are a few ideas from some of the local folks to help you plan your time here.  Questions?  Give them a call!

Food, wine cocktails: a great day according to Alexa Palmer, Proprietress of Fat Duck Inn

Alexa Palmer, Fat Duck Inn
Because I am in the hospitality business, I rarely get to be a tourist in my adopted home town of Walla Walla.

So, when friends and family visit I get to "show off” and partake. Here is one of many ideal ways to spend a day in Walla Walla.
          • Breakfast at Bacon & Eggs
          • Walk the dogs around Bennington Lake
          • Wine Tasting South of Town: Waters, Saviah and Amavi Cellars for the wine and the "Hallelujah" views of the Palouse
          • Lunch at brasserie four: mussels, frites, a crisp rosé on the patio
          • Get up close and personal with the goats at Monteillet Fromagerie
          • Cocktails at Jimgerman Bar in Waitsburg, muddle me baby
          • Power nap & in-suite massage at the Fat Duck Inn
          • Fat Duck Inn for a Farm-to-Table Wine-Paired Dinner

Enjoy a day rich in history, suggests Rick Tuttle of the Kirkman House Museum

Fort WW canonWalla Walla is steeped in interesting history and places to learn about it. To follow a linear progression through time, start at the Whitman Mission 7 miles west of town to learn how the Whitman family came to the area and what happened to them. 
Rick Tuttle, Kirkman House
Nearby, is the Frenchtown Historic Site that interprets the 1855 Battle of Walla Walla. 
The next stop would be at Fort Walla Walla Museum where you will learn about pioneer settlements, agriculture and military involvement in the area. 
Wind up your tour through time at the Kirkman House Museum and learn how a young textile salesman from England made his fortune in America’s Wild West.
When planning your day, you will want to spend about an hour at the Mission, thirty minutes at the Frenchtown site, about two hours at the Fort and anywhere from a half-hour to ninety minutes at Kirkman House.

Here is my idea of a great day, says Spencer Sievers from El Corazon and Ash Hollow Wineries

I'd wake up to the sun shining through my bedroom window and go work out or take a yoga class at the Walla Walla YMCA then pop into the Walla Walla Bread Company for a coffee and a little something for breakfast
I would definitely drop into one of the wineries where I work, El Corazon or Ash Hollow, and find something useful to do, like rack wine, wash barrels, open the tasting room, or do some blending trials. Then I would stop by Graze or the La Monarca taco truck and get something to keep me going for the afternoon.
Spencer Sievers
Then off to the vineyards, since we are surrounded by them and they are so beautiful. I find it very peaceful to be in a vineyard, and it gives me a chance to monitor the progress of the grapes and make decisions about the vineyard management. On the way back, maybe stop by one of the wineries to the south, like Sleight of Hand, Dusted Valley, Pepperbridge, or Amavi--always some great wine and conversation to be had, plus a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains.
Since I'm probably still driving, I'd head out to the airport and pop into Trust, Kontos, Cavu, Mannina, and Ash Hollow. The airport tasting rooms have a completely different feel to them--it's amazing how diverse the wine tasting experience can be, depending on what part of town you go to. Each of these wineries brings something new to the table.
Off to Downtown Walla Walla for more fun. Still hungry, so I would stop by Salumiere Cesario for a ginger beer and some meats and cheeses. Kerloo, Flying Trout, Rotie, Caderetta, and Charles Smith tasting rooms are all great stops with unique-to-Walla Walla wines--you can't go wrong.
If the sun is still shining, it's off to a Walla Walla Sweets baseball game, where I'll finish off the day relaxing at the ballpark with my family, eating some of the delicious food coming out of the Andrae's Kitchen food truck and wash it down with a nano-brewed beer from Milton Freewater's own Dragon's Gate Brewery.