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Things To Do In Walla Walla In The Winter

December 15, 2015

By Kirsten Telander: Get Your Culture On The performing arts marquees in Walla Walla read more like those of world-class metropolitan areas than a sleepy hamlet.  Transplants often comment that they’ve attended more events since moving here than in their former culturally-rich cities. Perhaps the most talked about venue in recent years is the GESA... Read more »

Walla Walla’s Livery Stables

December 18, 2012

By Susan Monahan: These days we take owning a car for granted and have trouble imagining how important a good livery stable was to a town up to the early 1900s. Livery stables were once essential to towns of just about any size, not just for residents but also for visitors. One could rent a... Read more »

Have it All at Public House 124

May 10, 2012

By Kirsten Telander: You know spring has sprung when you see ramps on a menu, am I right? O.K., so it’s not your every day ingredient, nor would you expect to find it on a menu of a restaurant called Public House 124 unless it was deep fried and served with ranch dressing. But there... Read more »

On the Corner — the Legacy of 2nd and Main

April 5, 2012

By Susan Monahan: Sometimes changes to buildings result in the loss of distinctive features; sometimes the additions add interest and give the building character it lacked. I often ask friends to share their memories of Walla Walla buildings and sometimes ask for ideas of what building to write about. Diane suggested the one at the... Read more »

Meet the Willy Wonka of Walla Walla

March 20, 2012

By Andrew Holt: Meet the Willy Wonka of Walla Walla…Paul Jenes, a mild mannered version of Roald Dahl’s famous classic candy character. Although the University of Washington grad does not possess the flamboyance of Mr. Wonka, his passion for making life much sweeter for the world, and particularly the Walla Walla Valley, is just as... Read more »