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Action! Live Theatre in Walla Walla

February 4, 2015

By Douglas Carlsen:

While wandering around Walla Walla one is struck by the sights, sounds, and smells coming from the various shops and restaurants that line the streets of downtown. Big trees and interesting architecture beckon to those who walk the residential areas; public art is to be found throughout town. Given its age and historical importance in the region it is not surprising that Walla Walla has a long and rich tradition in the arts.

Harper Joy w text 300x200Much of this tradition is clear to those who visit Walla Walla – public, visible, and on display. Yet there is another part of the art culture that is hidden from view behind closed doors and drawn curtains. A hidden jewel in the community, the world of theatre and the stage. And, with a little exploration, accessible.

Beginning in late September and continuing through mid-June Walla Walla offers twenty weekends of live stage productions at the various non-profit theatres in town. Three of those stages are associated with the community’s higher-educational institutions: Walla Walla Community College, Walla Walla University, and Whitman College. A fourth stage belongs to the Little Theatre of Walla Walla.

Little Theatre w text 300x200Now in its 70th year the Little Theatre exemplifies the best in community theatre with its all-volunteer company of actors, directors, and talented tech and stage crews.

Plays on stages around town are in auditions and rehearsals; productions will soon be up and running. With each production, the theatres are alive with activity, as actors and directors work together building characters, discovering nuance, and creating honest and real people behind the words. Tech crews are busy hanging lights, building sets, or creating costumes. Each script comes to life with the committed energy of the company. And, as in theatres everywhere, there is the perfect optimism that all will be ready for opening night.

So, after a day of wine and a good dinner consider taking time to discover the offerings of these theatres. From the classic to the modern, from tried and true to world premieres, Walla Walla’s non-profit theatres engage their audiences with thoughtful and entertaining plays that are certain to provide a most rewarding evening.

For more information on the current seasons for our local theatres go to:

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