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Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Walla Walla

How easy is it to get to Walla Walla from Seattle during the winter over Snoqualmie Pass?
Snoqualmie Pass is closed a lot less that you would imagine.  During the 2013-2014 winter, the pass was closed less than a total of 50 hours. Click here to view data on the pass.

Which restaurants are dog-friendly?
There are several restaurants in town with outdoor patios that are usually accommodating to your canine companion. It is always best to ask a staff member. If you want to learn more about what to see and do with your four-legged buddy, click here to visit the For the Dogs section of our website.

Are the winery tasting rooms dog-friendly and infant/child-friendly?
Most wineries will happily welcome well-behaved, leashed pets.  We suggest calling ahead or politely asking before you enter a tasting room or winery facility with your canine friend.  Every winery is different.  Please be respectful of their individual decisions about dogs.  The same would apply to children, although they probably won’t need to be on a leash.

Where can I purchase Walla Walla postcards?
Book and Game (38 E. Main St.),  Tallman’s Drug Store (4 W Main St.), Sweetwater Paper (101 E. Alder).

Where can I purchase Walla Walla Sweet Onions?
Walla Walla Sweet Onions are only available from mid-June through late August.  Here is a link to the Walla Walla Sweet Onion website.  They have a list of local farms that sell and ship Walla Walla Sweets.

Where can we tent camp?
While there is not a place to tent camp inside the city limits of Walla Walla, there are several places nearby.

Does Walla Walla have any RV parks?

What does Walla Walla mean?
The Homeland Tribes called this area Walla Walla, which means place of many waters, due to the fact there are so many streams.  Looking for more information about the history of Walla Walla County?  Here is a link to the Walla Walla County website.

Why are the Blue Mountains called the Blue Mountains?
They are called the Blue Mountains because the native tribes burned the fields during the fall and from a distance it looked like there was a blue haze in the air.  Because of this haze, the mountain range was left with a blue tint. As the first soldiers and settlers moved west they saw the range that the fur trappers knew as the Blue Mountains.

Which wineries have food available?

  • Waterbrook – Food served Friday-Saturday starting at 11:00.
  • Woodward Canyon – The Reserve House – Thursday – Sunday, 11:30-3:00. (Closed during the winter)
  • Amavi – The Olive food truck can be found here, April-October, Fri-Sun, 11:00-3:00.
  • Andrae’s Mobile Kitchen – Can usually be found by the South Wineries on the weekends from April to November.  Check his Facebook or his Twitter page for his current location.
  • Henry Earl Estates – Food served daily.  12-8.

Can we take picnic lunches to the wineries?
Generally yes, but to be absolutely certain it is best to contact the specific winery. We suggest calling ahead to the winery of your choice to check on their accommodations for picnics.

How do we decide which wine region to visit?
Here are brief descriptions for each of our wine regions:

  • AirportMore than a dozen wineries housed in historic World War II-era buildings and the recently constructed winery incubators.
  • Downtown – 20+ tasting rooms all within easy walking distance of one another.  There are two downtown tasting rooms that also house their production facilities – Seven Hills and Forgeron Cellars.
  • East – You will find numerous award-winning wineries along with the picturesque Mill Creek growing area.
  • South – Extending across the state line, the south side wineries are largely set among estate vineyards.
  • West – Beginning on the edge of downtown and stretching 12-miles to Lowden, the west side offers an eclectic mix of new and some of the valley’s oldest wineries.

If we want to experience the “whole wine experience – vineyard, production facility, tasting room” where should we go?
See above answer.

Can we tour the vineyards?
Many of the south side wineries and the wineries located on Mill Creek Road have vineyards adjacent to their property.  Enquire with the tasting room personnel, if you want a tour of their vineyards.

How can we go wine tasting without having to drive?
Contact one of the many wine tour companies.  Click here to see the list on our website.

Besides the wineries, is there a local wine shop that carries all of the local wines?
If you don’t have time to get out to the wineries, but would like to take home some local wines.  We suggest the following locations.

Where can we go hiking?

  • Bennington Lake (10-minute drive from downtown Walla Walla).
  • Harris Park near Milton-Freewater OR (40-minute drive from downtown Walla Walla).
  • Use any of the walking maps found on our website or at our Visitor Center.
  • Fort Walla Walla
  • Umatilla National Forest Office located at 1415 W. Rose Street.  Hours: Mon-Fri 8-4:30.  They sell maps for the Umatilla National Forest and also have a plethora of free maps for individual hikes.

We only have a couple of hours, what MUST we do?
Depends on what you like to do!  Give us a call or stop by the Visitor Center to find out what is the perfect, MUST DO for you. (509) 525-8799.

Do you have a biking/winery combined map?
Currently, we do not.  We do have a great bike route map and a great winery map that can be used together.

Is there a Farmers’ Market on Sunday?
Walla Walla is lucky enough to have two Farmers’ Markets.

The Downtown Farmers’ Market is open on Saturdays, (May-October) 9:00-1:00, located at the corner of Main and 4th.

The Walla Walla Valley Farmers’ Market is open on Saturdays. (May-October) 9:00-1:00 pm, located at the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds, 363 Orchard St.

Where can I find a Real Estate Guide?
We have all of the local realtors listed on our website. Click here to view the list.

Does Walla Walla have any retirement communities?
Yes.  We have them listed on our website. Click here to view the list.

Does Walla Walla have any antique shops?

Where can we rent bicycles?

Where can I find an ATM machine?
Here is a list of ATMs located in downtown Walla Walla.

  • American West Bank – Drive/walk up – behind the bank, corner of 3rd and Rose St.
  • Baker Boyer Bank – Drive/walk up – Alder St. – between 2nd and 3rd
  • Banner Bank – Walk-up – Alder St. – between 1st and 2nd
  • Chase – Walk-up – Corner of Alder St. and 3rd
  • Community Bank – Walk-up –  Corner of Alder and 1st
  • Marcus Whitman Hotel – Located in the lobby
  • Umpqua Bank – Walk-up – Corner of Main and 2nd
  • US Bank – Walk-up – Alder St. – between 1st and 2nd
  • Washington Federal – Drive/Walk-up – Corner of Alder St. and 3rd

What is there to do in Walla Walla other than going wine tasting?
A whole heck of a lot!